Welcome to the Kernel University Library online catalog! You may search for books and other items from our physical collection here, and also place holds on them. Please open an account at the library, and visit us to check out a book today!


Online Library Catalog




Kernel University Library is pleased to present new material not only in our physical library located on campus, but additional online resources for easier access for students and faculty members as well. The new website has a new format which guides patrons to useful resources for professional development, research, and academic materials. We have begun to build our new e-library which includes an online catalogue through Library World that allows users to browse our current holdings, check the status of loans, and reserve materials remotely. We have also acquired LIRN, an online database vendor that allows faculty and students to access the latest journals and research from a variety of fields. Kernel University Library has also added many books to our library in order to broaden our library collection for your academic goals. Please come and explore our new and improved space! Additionally, all online resources are available 24/7. For any inquiries or reference questions please contact the librarian. Kernel University Librarian library@kernel.edu


Library and Information Resources Network (LIRN) http://www.lirn.net/databases


Kernel University Library offers Students & Faculty the LIRN online databases allowing each library patron to have access to a variety of e-books, full-text articles, and periodical publications, journals, and newspapers. LIRN is available 24/7 though internet access, allowing students and faculty access according to their schedule.

Please have your LIRN ACCESS CODE at the library desk.

Through the LIRN online collections, students and faculty have access to database vendors such as ProQuest, GALE, and EBSCOhost. Each vendor has numerous databases that can be searched by Subject or search individual databases like the Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) for reference information.

Kernel University researchers can search for reference materials such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs as well as full-text articles from journals, newspapers and magazines across multidisciplinary subjects.

Please ask LIRN ID at the library reference desk or log in to the library homepage and go to the databases menu under SEARCH menu.

To access LIRN, go to the LIRN homepage at https://www.lirn.net and select the “Databases” button or go directly to https://www.lirn.net/databases; Enter your LIRN ID when prompted. Once you have logged in, the resources will appear on the LIRN Gateway Menu.

Note that on the LIRN Gateway Menu, there is a search box that allows you to directly query across vendors using our federated search service, LIRNSearch.

The default view for you is the Subject view. You can change this view during your current session by clicking on one of the other tabs (alphabetical, simple, vendor).

Our Librarian staff have composed a YouTube Video that you might find useful. This can be found on the LIRNotes channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl7tjhNMyFo).


Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library  http://www.whdl.org/

The Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library is a free, multidisciplinary, open access, digital resource of books, literature, multimedia material, and archives collected into a single institutional repository initiated by the global Church of the Nazarene in response to the global need for access to resources for education, lifelong learning, and specifically ministerial preparation.


Josh McDowell Ministry  http://www.josh.org/     http://www.josh.org/research/

Josh McDowell Ministry has compiled years of research that will help youth leaders, parents and youth navigate through life’s tough issues. Our inclusion of older research is valuable as it shows patterns and trends in areas of interest today and can be found here.