Bachelor of Theology Program

Kernel University’s Bachelor of Theology program provides students with a broad perspective of the field of theology with basic professional training. The B.Th. curriculum is designed to train students for a variety of ministry opportunities in local churches and other settings.  Some students enroll for personal development and to more effectively engage in a variety of volunteer ministries.


Admission Requirements
  • High school diploma or its equivalent
  • All previously attended college transcripts if applicable.


Graduation Requirements
  1. Completion of at least 60 semester credit hours at Kernel University
  2. A minimum total GPA of 2.0
  3. Completion of a minimum 120 credit hours including transfer credits


Institutional Objectives and Program Outcomes
Institutional Objectives Measurement B.Th. Program Outcomes
Equipped with Academic Resources
1.       Academic enrichment as demonstrated by satisfactory academic progress in current and in more advanced degrees 1.       That our alumni survey will show that at least 80% of graduates who apply to M.Div. or other masters-level theological studies programs are accepted.

2.       The Graduation Checklist will show students have acquired a broadened understanding of the liberal arts as demonstrated by having successfully completed at least 36 credits of general education from four subject areas

3.       That our rates of retention and completion fall within norms for TRACS

Equipped with Professional Resources


1.       Professional development as demonstrated on alumni surveys by professional and volunteer work in students’ fields of study  

1.       Portfolio Assignment:  List principles of sound hermeneutics and apply them to passages of scripture as demonstrated by sound exegesis of three scriptural passages.

2.       That alumni surveys will show that 40% of 3-year alumni will be serving churches in paid or volunteer positions that involve teaching, leading or other significant duties.

2.       An enhanced understanding of the purposes for which God designed them as demonstrated by a capstone project based on various assessments (e.g., career and personality tests, spiritual gifts tests, 30 Personality Assessment), a study of opportunities in their field of study, and an overview of the work in their field.
Equipped with Spiritual Resources
1.       Biblical and theological knowledge as demonstrated by seniors in each program correctly answering, on average, 25 more questions than freshmen in that program on the ABHE Bible Knowledge test  

1.       An understanding of in biblical principles related to meeting and seeking God as demonstrated by a capstone portfolio essay and a personal interview with a faculty member

2.       A growing commitment to spiritual growth as demonstrated by pre-, post- and alumni Spiritual Disciplines surveys

3.       A deepening spiritual life as demonstrated by pre- and post-tests (Wesleyan Wellness Profile) and comparison with national norms.

2.       An understanding of in biblical principles related to meeting and seeking God as demonstrated by a capstone portfolio essay and a personal interview with a faculty member
3.       A growing commitment to spiritual growth as demonstrated by freshmen, senior and alumni Spiritual Disciplines surveys
Curriculum Requirements

Note: A Student Progress Worksheet, similar to the following, will be kept in each student file so that progress can be tracked and academic advising can be facilitated.


Student Progress Worksheet: B.Th. (123 Credits)


Name:__________________________________  Date Entered:________________________


Biblical / Theological Studies – 45 Credits

___BI100 Intro to Bible

___OT102 Pentateuch

___OT212 Poetic & Wisdom Books

___OT321 Conquest, Judges, and United Kingdom

___OT322 Divided Kingdom, Prophets & Kings of the Assyrian Crisis

___OT411 Prophets & Kings of the Babylonian Crisis

___OT412 Exile & Restoration

___NT103 Gospels

___NT303 Johanian Literature (Gospel, Letters, Revelation)

___ NT201 Book of Acts

___NT402 Pauline Epistles

___ST202 Hermeneutics

___ST271 Systematic Theology I  (God, Christ, Holy Spirit)

___ST372 Systematic Theology II (Man, Sin, Salvation)

___ST473  Systematic Theology III  (Bible, Church, Eschatology)

General Studies – 39 Credits

___GS 150 Academic, Professional & Personal Development

___GE102 Grammar & Composition

___HIST101 Western Civilization

___CH101 Church History I (Early – Reformation)

___CH102 Church History II (Post Reformation)

___GE212 Christian Literature

___GS210 Cultural Anthropology

___GC240 Research and Writing

___CC302 Intro to Psychology

___GS499 Capstone


Math or Science

___ ______________________________


Two Additional General Studies Electives


___ ______________________________


___ ______________________________


Professional Studies – 24 Credits

___PT201 Evangelism & Outreach

___MI230 History of Mission

___PT360 Christian Education

___PT380 Principles of Leadership

___PT420 Biblical Counseling

___PT442 Homiletics & Preaching Practicum


Two Professional Studies Electives (e.g., Practical Theology, Missions)


___ ______________________________


___ ______________________________


Electives – 15 Credits


___ ______________________________


___ ______________________________


___ ______________________________


___ ______________________________


___ ______________________________