Tuition and Fees

Bachelor of Theology                                                  $150 per credit hour

Master of Divinity                                                       $200 per credit hour

Audit                                                                              $100 per course ($75 for alumni)


All fees listed here are subject to change and are non-refundable.

Application—U.S. citizens or permanent residents $100
Application—international students $200
Course credit by examination $250
Returned checks $20
Deferred payment plan $25
Graduation $300
Late payment $50
Registration $50
Late registration $50
Student activity $15
Transcript—each copy $20
Student ID card $20


Estimated Annual Costs

M.Div. program      B.Th. program

Tuition and fees (30 credit hours per year)       $6,000                   $4,500

Books and Supplies                                                      800                        800

Personal                                                                       4,600                     4,600

Room and Board                                                        8,400                     8,400

Transportation                                                           1,000                     1,000

Total                                                                        $20,800                 $18,300



Payment Option

Minimum down payment of 40% of total cost for all tuition and fees, with balance to be paid in three monthly installments of 20% each starting with the month following the beginning of the term. Bi-monthly deferred plans are available in exceptional cases. Payment plans are available only for courses spanning five weeks or more. Short-term courses, two days to four weeks length must be paid in full upon registration.

$25 deferred payment fee will be assessed against each account if the student chooses to pay on a deferred payment plan. A late charge of $50 will be charged for each installment not paid when due. A fee of $20.00 will be charged for returned checks.

All deferred payment plans require the completion of an agreement between Kernel University and the student. If the student is listed as a dependent on an income tax report, a cosigner is required on the agreement. No student is allowed to register for a semester term if a debt is owed from previous semesters/terms.

Refund Policy

The amount of tuition refunded to a student if a student withdraws after the beginning of classes is based on the following refund policy:

During the first week of the term                                  100% 

After the first week, but within 25% of the term          50%    

After the first 25% of the term                                            0%


Refunds will be made as appropriate to the student or funding agency involved (if any).

  1. The official withdrawal date of any student is considered to be the last day of recorded attendance.
  2. For students officially withdrawing or terminating from the program, refunds will be issued within fourteen (30) calendar days of the official withdrawal date.
  3. All other financial, equipment, etc. must be satisfied. Refunds do not include books, supplies, uniforms, etc.
  4. The student is responsible for all expenses incurred while traveling to and from Kernel University as well as expenses for food and lodging while attending classes at Kernel University.
  5. Kernel University reserves the right to change the opening and closing dates of its classes, hours of instruction, equipment, facility, tuition rates, and fees. However, there will be no price changes for any student enrolled under the terms of the contract he/she signed.
  6. In the event of labor disputes, Kernel University reserves the right to suspend classes until resolved.
  7. Kernel University reserves the right to enact and provide notice or roles and regulations governing the conduct of the student while attending the school. Violation of these rules and regulations will constitute sufficient grounds for dismissal of the student. Excessive absences or tardiness and lack of academic progress will also be grounds for dismissal.
  8. The student will be held accountable for all costs involved in the replacement or repair of any equipment or facilities which are damaged by the result of the student’s abuse or misuse, or which are damaged as a result of the student’s carelessness, including legal fees of necessary.
  9. Notice of cancellation is to be mailed or delivered to:



Kernel University

3319 West Lincoln Avenue #102

Anaheim, California 92801


Outstanding Balances

Grades, transcripts, diplomas, and registration privileges, or any combination thereof, shall be withheld from any student or former student who has been provided with written notice that he/she has failed to pay financial obligation incurred at Kernel University. Any item(s) withheld shall be released when the student satisfactorily meets the financial obligation. If a student believes that he/she does not owe all or part of an unpaid obligation, the student should contact the university’s Business Office. The Business Office, or other campus office to which the student may be referred by the business office, will review the pertinent information, including information the student may wish to present, and will advise the student of its conclusions concerning the debt.