Late Registration

Students, who fail to register during the regular registration period, may register during the first three weeks of instruction. Students who are eligible and who wish to register late will be required to obtain the appropriate approval in order to be added to class enrollment lists. Information concerning late registration approval is available at the Office of Kernel University Admissions and Records. Students who are late in registering during the First weeks of instruction are subject to a $50.00 late registration fee.



All former students of Kernel University who have not registered for two or more consecutive semesters must apply for readmission and be admitted through the normal admission process before they will be allowed to register. A student on probation at the close of the last quarter of enrollment will be readmitted on probation provided he or she is eligible. The student must have official transcripts of any college work earned during the absence and sent to Kernel University.


The readmission of a previously disqualified student is by special action only. Kernel University will not normally consider a student for reinstatement until after two semesters of non-attendance and until after all recommended conditions have been fulfilled. In every instance, re-admission action is based upon evidence, including transcripts of work completed elsewhere subsequent to disqualification and objective evidence, and that causes of previous low achievement shall have been removed. A written petition of reinstatement must be made in order for a student to be considered for a reinstatement.

Grading Policy

Academic Rigor

By putting forth your best effort while in school, you will have additional future options and opportunities.  Note that for each semester credit, a student will have 15 classroom hours and up to 30 hours of homework.

Grading Rubric

Activity Points
Attendance 10
Participation and reading 10
Book reviews 10
Quizzes 10
Papers or projects 30
Tests 30
Total 100


Grading Scale

Letter Grade Numerical Grade Grade Points Performance
A+ 99-100 4.0 Outstanding+
A 94-98 4.0 Outstanding
A- 91-93 3.7 Excellent
B+ 87-90 3.3 Good +
B 83-86 3.0 Good
B- 79-82 2.7 Good –
C+ 75-78 2.3 Satisfactory +
C 71-74 2.0 Satisfactory
C- 68-70 1.7 Satisfactory –
D 61-67 1.0 Barely Passing
F 60 or lower 0 Failure
W Withdrawal
NP Non-Pass
NC No Credit
IC Incomplete
AU Audit
CR Credit


Incomplete Policy

All course work is due on the dates assigned. Students who fail to submit assignments on time will be subject to the course’s late grading policy. In all other cases and unless otherwise stated by the instructor, all course work is due by 12 a.m. on the last day of the semester.


A grade of incomplete will only be awarded to students who cannot physically complete their course work by the last day of the semester due to an avoidable situation such as a serious illness. In such cases, students must provide valid evidence of their condition. After a semester has ended it is no longer possible to request an incomplete. Incompletes will not be granted simply because of poor time management. Students who assume that an incomplete will be issued because they failed to finish their course work by the end of the semester will automatically receive a grade of F.


Incompletes must first be approved by the Academic Affairs office. To apply for an incomplete, students must fill out an incomplete-grade-request form and submit it to the office by DESIGNATED DATE. After receiving approval from the office, the student must then obtain approval from his or her instructor.


Attendance Policy

Active participation is expected from the students because of the interest on the subject and timely quiz that will give incentive for studies. Any one missing class will cause the deduction of 5% point toward the grade.


Instructors are obligated at the beginning of each semester or session to announce to their students their policy regarding excessive absences. When unexcused absences exceed the number of hours that the class meets in one week or the instructor judges a student’s absences to be so excessive as to make it impossible for the student to complete the course successfully, the instructor must drop the student from the class.


This class attendance policy is predicated on the belief that enrollment in the University assumes maturity, seriousness of purpose and self-discipline. Each student is expected to attend the classes for which he/she is registered, to arrive on time and to stay the full class period. The University recognizes that absences occur as a result of circumstances beyond a student’s control, as well as from a student’s failure to accept the responsibility for attending class regularly.


Emergency Leave of Absence

If an extreme emergency makes it impossible for a student to attend classes for a short period of time, the student may petition the instructor for a leave of absence. Petitions for leaves of absence are obtained from the Office of Registrar. Absences incurred while on a leave of absence are not counted toward excessive absence. Approval is at the discretion of the instructor and may be for periods not to exceed five days.  Instructors will be asked to give make-up assignments for all work missed during the leave of absence.


Under no circumstances will emergency leaves be granted at the end of the quarter when finals would be missed or course requirements not fulfilled.


Extended Leave of Absence (Planned Educational Leave)

Any continuing Kernel University student who is eligible to register may maintain registration priority during an absence of two years or six consecutive semesters by taking an extended official leave of absence.


When a student finds it necessary to interrupt progress toward a degree for a reason that is related to his other educational objective and that is acceptable to the appropriate university authorities, the student may be granted a leave of absence.


A student on a leave of absence may, upon return from the leave, continue in the same program that the student had prior to the leave. The student retains the right to elect requirements in effect at the time of entrance or reentrance into the curriculum. Only students in good standing are eligible for a leave of absence.


A leave of absence will be granted when the student has filed an approved petition with the Office of Registrar. The leave petition, which must be approved by the Dean, shall specify the reasons for the leave and the duration of the leave.


A student granted a leave of absence has a commitment from the University to be reinstated in good standing.  The reason(s) for requesting a leave must be stated completely and clearly.

Reason students may petition for a leave of absence are, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Professional or academic opportunities—such as travel or study abroad, employment related to educational goals and major fields of study, or participation in field study or research projects;
  2. Medical reasons—including pregnancy, major surgery, or other health-related circumstances; and,
  3. Financial reasons—such as the necessity to work for a specified period in order to resume study with adequate resources.


Approval will depend upon the significance of the leave in furthering the student’s educational objective.  It is the student’s responsibility to demonstrate that there is a significant relationship between the leave of absence and progress toward their educational objective.


Leaves may be granted for a maximum of two years or six consecutive semesters. A request for a leave of absence must be filed prior to the period of absence. Retroactive leave requests will not be approved.


Failure to return from a leave of absence, as specified in the approved petition, will be considered as a withdrawal from the University. Under such circumstances, reenrollment will require a full application for readmission under the same circumstances as any new or returning applicant including enrollment in the curriculum in effect at the time of reenrollment.